Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

When AA began, the medium for providing information to the general public was the printed word: newspapers, books, magazines. Now it is the internet and social media.

The Area 78 website can be a powerful public information tool that can reach many people. How influential is the internet? For a lot of people, it is their main form of communication, information, and entertainment. More people spend time on the internet than watching television. There are 68% of Canadians on average that use the internet for personal reasons*. Alberta at 71% and British Columbia at 69% are two of the three provinces whose internet usage is above the average*.

It’s important that we receive suggestions from the membership regarding the function and content of the website as it relates to the Area 78 Guidelines for the Website found at this link: About/Website Guidelines.   Please use the following online form to send your comments and suggestions to the website team at Area 78.

*Information from Statistics Canada