Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories


The Mission of the Public Information (PI) Committee is much like all of AA, where the primary purpose of members involved with PI service is to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers; they do this by educating the general public of the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous as a resource in the community.

Working together, members of a PI committee convey AA information to the general public through activities like:

  • Giving AA information talks at schools and civic organization meetings.
  • Providing AA literature to schools and offices.
  • Insuring local media has accurate information and providing them with AA public service announcements.



It is intended that each PI Committee member bring back to their District and groups, information and ideas about Public Information. Some of the ways this is done is by setting up pamphlets at Information Booths, answering questions, and speaking at events to inform the general public about Alcoholics Anonymous.

Self education is important for those involved in PI service. All members of the Area 78 PI Committee are encouraged to download and read the Public Information Workbook, using it to be better informed on AA best practices in regards to Public Information issues.


The Public Information (PI) Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Encourage districts, groups, and members to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous; and to provide support in building Public Information awareness in the community.
  • Respond to questions pertaining to anonymity; and to queries about how to find and contact AA.
  • Communicate with the membership and public-at-large via website e-mail, responding to questions or requests for assistance.
  • Cooperate with Central Offices and local service committees within Area 78.
  • Education of committee members about what PI pamphlets are available, and ensure that the principle of anonymity is understood prior to interactions with the public.

About the Committee

Public Information Committee

Works to create greater public awareness and understanding of the AA program through the use of public media and presentations.

The Public Information Committee focuses on how AA can be used as a resource by the general public, providing information to people who may be dealing with a family member or a friend who has a drinking problem. 

Committee Composition

The committee consists of the Chair, and current DCMs and GSRs who are assigned to the committee by the Area 78 Registrar for their two-year term of service. Others selected for the committee may include past Area 78 officers or long-time members recommended for their knowledge in Public Information service work. Area 78 visitors may participate on this committee, but they do not have a vote.



The Public Information Committee Chair should have a good understanding of the AA Guidelines on Public Information (as outlined in the PI Workbook), along with a good foundation on the Twelve Traditions.

Traditionally, the Public Information Committee Chair maintains contact with District and Intergroup Public Information committees throughout the Area 78 region, and includes their event highlights in the Chairs Report to the Area 78 Assembly.

  • Work with the Committee members in learning how to do PI presentations.
  • Create agendas and chair the PI committee meetings.
  • Facilitate full participation during meetings.
  • Appoint a secretary to record committee decisions, and ensure they are passed to the Area secretary for insertion in the Area Minutes.
  • Report directly to the Area Assembly on pertinent committee decisions.
  • Travel to and present at workshops in the Area, upon request.
  • Transport and set up the Public Information display at Area Committee meetings.
  • Produce a synopsis of the background information on the Conference Agenda Items assigned by the Delegate for the Pre-Conference Assemblies.

Send an email to the Public Information (PI) Chair by using the form on the Contact Us page.