Area 78


Update Group Meeting Info

The website meeting list is maintained by our Web Administrator(s), who apply the list updates, additions, and deletions that are emailed to them via this process. Changes are made by selecting your group from the following list, making your changes on the online screen, and then submitting the changes to our web admins who will complete the process and let you know when the changes are implemented.

To help us register your group as a new meeting, simply press the Add New Meeting button, fill in the on-line form fields, hit submit, and like the Update process our web admins will take care of getting your group/meeting registered.

*Please note that full text content is forwarded to the Area Registrar for update of the New York GSO database, while the Area Web Administrators receive a sanitized version of your request containing no contact information which could be deemed private. Any additions, changes, and deletions made to meeting information on the website may not be reflected immediately in GSO's group records.
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Change Meeting RequestGroup NameGroup Service NumberDay Of WeekStart TimeLocationDelete Meeting Request
Lunch Bunch Hybrid9943561 Tue 12:00 PMVirtual
Lunch Pail  Tue 8:00 PMUnit B