Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories


Corrections work is an opportunity to carry the AA message to the confined alcoholic who wants to live sober, one day at a time.

The Mission of a corrections committee, working with corrections personnel, is to reach alcoholics who might never otherwise find the AA program. An active corrections committee is a vital link to prisons and jails, providing professionals and other workers in correctional facilities with information about AA, literature, and guidelines for setting up AA groups on the inside. 



Correction committees are formed to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics inside correction facilities. 

Self education is important for those involved in the Corrections Committee service work. All members of the Area 78 Corrections Committee are encouraged to download and read the Corrections Workbook, using it to be better informed on AA best practices in regards to Corrections issues.


The Corrections Committee is responsible for the following tasks:

  1. The active committee provides information about AA as well as literature and guidelines for setting up AA meetings in a correction facility.
  2. Establishes and maintains a working relationship between correctional facilities, District Corrections Committees, and District Committee Members in Area 78.
  3. Maintains a list of correctional facilities in Area 78, with a contact name for each facility.
  4. Communicates with each facility on an annual basis to let them know about AA in Area 78.

About the Committee

Corrections Committee

Facilitate carrying the message to inmates who have a desire to stop drinking; helping them with AA inside and upon release.

The Corrections Committee for Area 78 serves the fellowship in a way that directly impacts the lives of many suffering alcoholics. Many new people entering Alcoholics Anonymous today come to us via a Corrections facility. The Corrections chair works with local districts and chairs throughout Area 78 to reach out to the alcoholics in the local facility. We also cooperate with the administration staff of these facilities in any way we can.

Committee Composition

The committee consists of the Chair, and current DCMs and GSRs who are assigned to the committee by the Area 78 Registrar for their two-year term of service. Others selected for the committee may include past Area 78 officers or long-time members recommended for their knowledge in Corrections service work. Area 78 visitors may participate on this committee, but they do not have a vote.



Traditionally, the Corrections Committee Chair maintains contact with District and Intergroup Correction committees throughout the Area 78 region, and includes their reported event highlights in the Chairs Report to the Area 78 Assembly.

  • Ensure that the Committee functions properly.
  • Facilitate full participation during meetings.
  • Make certain that all relevant matters are discussed.
  • Insure that all committee decisions are recorded in the Area Minutes.
  • Report directly to the Area Assembly on pertinent committee decisions.
  • Travel to and present at workshops in the Area, upon request.
  • Transport and set up the committee display at Area 78 Area Committee Meetings.
  • Establish a working relationship between correctional facilities, District Corrections Committees and District Committee Members in Area 78.
  • Maintain a list of correctional facilities in Area 78, with a contact name for each facility. 
  • Sends an annual letter to each of the correctional facilities letting them know about AA in Area 78.
  • Produce a synopsis of the background information on the Conference Agenda Items assigned by the Delegate for the Pre-Conference Assemblies.

Send an email to the Corrections Chair by using the form on the website Contact Us page.