Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

General Information

Area Committee

Perhaps more than any other group of people in AA, the Area Committee is responsible for the health of the Conference structure and as a result, the growth and harmony of the AA fellowship. An active committee deals with a variety of service issues. It is there for the committee member to turn to for assistance in answering questions such as:

  • Are experiences being shared among groups?
  • Is the AA message getting into hospitals, prisons, jails, and rehabilitation centers?
  • Are news media and professionals who deal with suffering alcoholics well informed about AA?
  • Are new Groups and loners being visited and helped?
  • Is there a lack of harmony in a District?

The Area Committee is composed of all District Committee Members and Area Committee Officers (including the Past Delegate). All Standing Committee Chairs are appointed positions except for the Table Officer/Finance Committee (letter A, below).

Area 78 Standing Committees

A. Table Officer/Finance (Co-chaired by Chair & Treasurer)

B. Group Records/Registration

C. Public Information (PI)

D. Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

E. Treatment & Accessibilities

F. Corrections

G. Grapevine (GV)

H. Archives

I. Remote Communities

J. Literature

K. E-Services

Composition of Committees

  • Each trusted servant (District Committee Member, General Service Representative) that registers at an Assembly or Area Committee Meeting is assigned to a committee, with a letter ranging from B to K.  (Committee A is comprised of the Area 78 Table Officers).
  • Trusted servant committee assignments are for a two-year period of service, or the remainder of the current panel rotation.  
  • A past District Committee Member is appointed as Chair of each committee for the two-year term coinciding with the current Area Committee Panel rotation.  
  • A recording Secretary is selected for each committee from its committee members. 
  • Committee members may also include alternates and visitors as assigned by the Registrar during registration.


  • Each Committee shall be a service body only, reporting directly to the Assembly. 
  • The Committee makes recommendations (if any) pertinent to its responsibility, for approval or disapproval during their scheduled Committee report. 
  • Each Committee meets whenever they are scheduled (usually Friday night and Saturday) at both Area Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings. 
  • Annually, each Committee Chair receives (relative to their committee) a General Service Conference Agenda Information package from the Delegate, which they summarize for distribution to their committee.

Transition / Resignation

  • It is imperative that each outgoing Committee Chair attends the Transition Meeting and brings all pertinent information and Area 78 inventory items for transfer to their respective incoming Chair.
  • If a Committee Chair needs to resign their position, they should refer to the resignation procedures outlined in the Area 78 Guidelines on how to do so.

Getting Involved in AA General Service

Our Twelfth Step — carrying the message — is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence. Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a society of alcoholics in action. We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven't been given the truth may die.

(from A.A.'s Legacy of Service by Bill W.)

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Position Name
Delegate Brad F
Area 78 Chair Mike M
Alternate Delegate Tami L
Treasurer Erica N
Secretary Lynn C
Registrar Jeff B
Archives Chair Catherine P
CPC Chair Delia E
Corrections Chair Bobby Y
Grapevine Chair Dayna J
Literature Chair Neil P
Public Information Chair Samson N
Remote Communities Chair Anson C
Treatment/Accessibilities Chair David S
E Services Chair Mara N
Past Delegate Becky P
Email Administrator Craig O
Web Administrators Edwin S & Mara N
Archivist Tim H
Webmaster Wayne P