Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

  A Group or collection of Groups wishing to change Districts would:

  1. Prepare a map and narrative of the proposed new boundary.
  2. They would then hold meetings among adjacent Districts to review the graphic map, a narrative of current boundaries and the proposed changes. It is suggested that every effort be made to contact all Groups in the affected Districts regarding the matter and that Group members affected by the proposed change be given ample time to consider the proposal.
  3. After discussion of all the attending GSRs of the Districts affected, a line may be drawn to divide the District, taking care to assure an acceptable, balanced number of Groups on either side.
  4. The DCMs would then present the proposed graphic map and narrative change for review and recommendation to the Area 78 Assembly through the Group Records/Registrar Committee. This should be the final product as recommended by the District and adjacent Districts.
  5. A representative of the Group or Groups who initiated the change explains the proposed-change at the January or May Area Committee Meeting for consideration and discussion.
  6. A representative of the Group or Groups who initiated the change submits a motion (duly seconded by another member) that summarizes the change. This motion is presented for adoption by vote at the September Assembly

An objective critique can explore various facets of the proposed change:

  • a) Does this enhance the DCMs opportunities in contacting the Groups?
  • b) Does the proposal make a reasonable geographical change for now or is there more change anticipated?
  • c) Why is this change being considered?
  • d) Is there a better shift in workload for the DCMs affected?