Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

Area Committee

Perhaps more than any other group of people in AA, the Area Committee is responsible for the health of the Conference structure and as a result, the growth and harmony of the AA fellowship. An active Committee deals with a variety of Service issues. It is there for the Committee member to turn to for assistance in answering questions such as:

  • Is experiences being shared among Groups? Is the AA message getting into hospitals, prisons, jails, and rehabilitation centres?
  • Are news media and professionals who deal with suffering alcoholics well informed about AA?
  • Are new Groups and loners being visited and helped?
  • Is there a lack of harmony in a District.

The Area Committee is composed of all District Committee Members, Area Table Officers (6 Members) and Chairs of the various Service Committees (10 Members). The Past Delegate is an automatic position after having served as Delegate for two years.

Area Assembly

Held in March and September of each year, at Red Deer, for the Table Officers, Committee Chairs, General Service Representatives (GSRs) or their Alternate, District Committee Members (DCMs) or their Alternate and interested AA members. Visitors can’t vote.

The March Assembly is also known as the "Pre-Conference Assembly." Business is restricted to consideration of items that the Delegate must cover in advance of attending the General Service Conference and site selection of the next year’s Area Committee Meetings.

Every second year (odd numbered years) the September Area Assembly is the Election Assembly

Area Committee Meeting

Is held in January and May of each year.

Composed of District Committee Members, Committee Chairs, and Table Officers. The Archivist and Web Servant, along with and any other AA member is welcome to attend as a visitor.

Serves as a steering committee for the two Area Assemblies each year.

Locations for each ACM are selected by a vote at the Area 78 Pre-Conference Assembly in March of the prior year

Visitors can’t vote.

Criteria for hosting an ACM are outlined in the Area Assembly Guidelines booklet on Page 23.

Committee Officers (composed of 6 Table Officers and 10 Committee Chairs)


  1. Active participation in Local or Area affairs
  2. Current or past DCM
  3. Availability to attend events such as workshops, Committee Meetings and other travel.
  4. Continuous sobriety. The sobriety requirement varies from position to position but must be long enough that the person is responsible and informed.
  5. The ability to make and take suggestions – and criticisms too.
  6. Experience in chairing meetings.
  7. Knowledge of where to find correct information when questions arise.
  8. Familiarity with the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts and how they apply to local problems.
  9. The ability to be open minded, to sit down with others to discuss and act on matters vital to AA.
  10. Outgoing Committee Chairs and Table Officers are to review and suggest updates to Area 78 Guidelines (as they pertain to their own position) for presentation to the incoming Delegate at the September Assembly of odd numbered years (i.e. at the end of their two year term). (Motion passed at May 2006 Area Committee Meeting to include this requirement in the Guidelines for each position)

Questions You Should Ask Yourself (before letting your name stand for election or appointment) :

  • How well did you do in your last Service capacity? Did you enjoy the responsibilities? Were you active?
  • Have you considered your family and your employer? Will you be available for the amount of work you will need to do?
  • Have you talked with past trusted servants to get an idea of the time and effort required and the sort of work you will need to do?

Table Officers :

Composed of the Delegate, Alternate Delegate, Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Past Delegate.

Elections for Table Officers (with the exception of the Past Delegate) are held every two years when the General Service Representatives (or Alternate) and District Committee Members (or Alternate), current Committee Chairs and Table Officers vote using the Third Legacy Procedure. All elected persons assume their positions on January 1 st of the year following the Election Assembly.

Rotation allows for election to all Table Officer positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Chairperson, Alternate Delegate and Delegate.

Past or rotating DCMs, Committee Chairs and Table Officers are all eligible for election to the positions. The Past Delegate is an automatic position, after having served two years as Delegate. Only the immediate Past Delegate serves on the Area Committee with a vote.

Committee Chairs

There are ten Committee Chairs – one for each of the ten Committees. The Committees are:

  1. Archives
  2. Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)
  3. Correctional Facilities
  4. Grapevine
  5. Group records (Registrar)
  6. Literature
  7. Public Information (PI)
  8. Remote Communities
  9. Treatment Facilities
  10. E-Services

Must be a current or past District Committee Member to be eligible to be appointed and serve as Chair.

Appointed by the current and newly elected Table Officers, current Committee Chairs, and Past Delegate; appointments are made immediately following the election at the Assembly.

Appointments are for two years, coinciding with the term of the Table Officers.

By a Motion approved at the September 2006 Assembly, any past or current DCM may put their name forward for appointment without having to be in attendance.

Committee Chairs are registered and communicate with the AA General Service Office in New York. CPC, PI, Treatment and Corrections Chairs receive extensive Workbooks and Service Kits from GSO

It is imperative that outgoing Committee Chairs attend the Transition Meeting and bring all pertinent information for transfer to the incoming Committee Chairs.


This is an appointed position but is not considered a Committee Chair position.

Requires a person with specialized skill and/or training.

The term is open ended and position holders must be reaffirmed every two years at the Election Assembly


This is an appointed position but is not considered a Committee Chair position.

Requires a person with specialized skill and/or training.

The term is open ended and position holders must be reaffirmed every two years at the Election Assembly

Travel Expenses

Those Groups who invite Officers or Chairs to participate in their local workshops or gatherings are requested to cover reasonable accommodation, meal and travel expenses. Where this is not possible, they are asked to contribute what they can. Within reason and ideally agreed to in advance, Area 78 picks up the balance.

  • Area 78 allows $0.38/km for personal vehicle use by the Officers and Chairs
  • Area 78 Officers and Chairs are requested to travel within their annual travel budget.
  • Area 78 Officers and Chairs are requested to submit incurred expenses at least monthly.