Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories

Criteria for Hosting an Area Committee Meeting

Presentations to host the January or May Area Committee Meeting (ACM) will be voted upon at the March Pre-Conference Assembly. Please come prepared. You might wish to make a verbal presentation, or perform a skit, song, or anything else you think will persuade us to vote for your district to host it. Please keep the presentation to a 10 minute maximum and include the below criteria in it. The criteria to host the January or May ACM are as follows:

  • The rotation of the Area Committee meetings is looked at as a way to promote Area 78 unity, participation and understanding of Area 78 business practice. We ask the successful bid committee to communicate to their members that they are welcome to attend the ACM session, without registration cost. The voting members of the Area Committee are all Area 78 District Committee Members (DCM), Area Committee Chairs & Area Table Officers. The host district will be required to chair the DCM’s Friday night meeting.
  • Facility requirement is a main meeting place with capacity for 60-100 members with tables & chairs to accommodate the same numbers. If possible community centres and church halls are preferred because the rates tend to be more reasonable but hotel/motel facilities can be used (please note that if we also require wheelchair accessibility). The ACM will probably start the third Friday in January and May (excluding long weekends) around 5:00 PM and end the following day (Saturday) at about 5:30 PM. Please contact Area 78 Chairperson for all scheduling.
  • The main meeting space requires a head table to seat five Table Officers. The district is also responsible to supply a podium and two microphones. One to use for the podium and a floor microphone. Our area committees require ten display tables to display their committee information. The display tables, room permitting, should be in the main meeting space but can be located in the hallway or front entrance of the main hall.
  • For Friday evening and Saturday an additional meeting room is required that will seat 20 people, boardroom-style (table and chairs) if possible.
  • Area 78 budgets approximately $700 for each ACM (January & May), to cover appropriate expenditures for hall rental, equipment and coffee etc. There is no expectation for a district to incur expenses for hosting the ACM and we ask the bid committee not to exceed the budgeted amount.
  • Host district should supply coffee/tea etc. for both days but are not required to supply lunch or dinner. The district can supply a lunch or dinner if it choses to do so (for example it may be a 7th Tradition event). If none is supplied please have a list of food outlets that will be available near the meeting hall. If the district does collect a 7th Tradition (for coffee/meals etc.) over the weekend it should be used to help the district offset costs of the ACM. If there is dinner event with a speaker planned and keeping in mind this is a service event, we ask the host district to ask an Area Table Officer to be the speaker.
  • We ask the district to have volunteers to set up the tables and chairs prior to the event, the stacking of the table, chairs, and the clean up of the venue at the end of the event. Also volunteer(s) to staff the Registration table & refreshment area.
  • The district would need to verify that at least 50 hotel/motel rooms would be available for Area Committee Officers and District Committee Members. Please have the financial information and amenities (i.e. continental breakfast) of the participating hotel/motel available with your presentation (NOTE: The district should not book rooms for this event; that is the responsibility of the Area Chair).
  • If you have any questions for hosting the Area Committee please contact the Area Chairperson at

This information can be downloaded from the Public Download menu. Look for Hosting ACM Guidelines in the Help/Guidelines folder.