Area 78

Alberta / Northwest Territories


To Oversee All Aspects of the Area 78 Website. Insuring conformity to website guidelines are followed, and licenses are renewed.

The Eservices chair and committee focus on creating a greater awareness and utilization of the information available in the Area 78 website. This is done through presentations and sharing at area events, and by keeping the membership informed of the content and value of our website through the Eservices  Chair, Assembly reports.

The committee selects two web administrators who approve and Post all Area events and group meeting changes submitted for the website. These are on a two year term with option to renew upon approval of the committee.  In addition to maintaining the Public and Private download sections of the website, the web administrators keep updated contact info on the District Committee Members and Area 78 Committee Chairs.

The eservices committee also elects a Webservant as a two year term position, with option to renew upon approval of the committee. The webservant is responsible for the maintenance and updating of the Area 78 server, the email system, and is the official Administrator of the website.
The eservices chair is now a standard committee chair position in Area 78. Which reflects the direction of focus on electronic media that the GSO has also taken. Therefore it is on a two year term and selected by the Area Table Officers in each election year.