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Welcome to AA

in Alberta / Northwest Territories

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Area Committee Meeting (ACM)
in Edson on May 25/26

Composed of District Committee Members, Committee Chairs, and Table Officers. Any AA member is welcome to attend as a visitor (visitors cannot vote). Serves as a steering committee for the fall Assembly.

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Area 78 Chair

Our Area 78 Chair Gordon L. has resigned due to recent health conditions.  In the meantime, our Alternate Delegate Brad F, will be the Interim Chair for the May Area Committee Meeting and the September Assembly. 

We will be electing (voting on) a new Chair for Area 78 at the September 14, 2018 Assembly. 
If you are interested and are a current or past DCM, please consider the following three questions and if you can say "Yes" to them all, please submit your name, phone and/or email contact number, the District in which you were elected as DCM, and the years you were elected to serve to our Area Delegate:

  1. Do I have the skills to fill the position. (See Pages 9 & 10  of Area 78 Guidelines, which are posted online here).
  2. Do I have the time to fill the position. This is a very demanding position, time-wise; if your current lifestyle allows you an extra hour or so every day (and more time preparing for Assemblies and ACMS) and you’re able to read and respond to daily emails, this position is for you.
  3. Do I have the willingness to learn. One of the factors in HOW it works; our Table Officers are here to support each other, and most especially our Chair.

Newly Appointed CPC Chair


It is my pleasure to announce the newly appointed CPC Chair is Jim L. From District 17 in Lethbridge.

We thank everyone who put their name forward for this position.

Yours in Loving Service,
Becky P, Panel 68
Area 78 Delegate
Ab, NT, W.Nunavut

Lloydminster Roundup
Western Canada Regional Forum
Wainwright Roundup

Area 78 Contributions

Mail to:

Area 78 Treasurer


2933 26 Ave SE, #320
Calgary, AB T2B 0N5

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